Robots to Fill Up Our Petrol Tanks? No, Thank You!

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Dec 12, 2007

I guess we all have to admit to one fact, we are pretty lucky. We still have people working at petrol stations to fill up our tanks though I remember not too long ago, the Government said we should get off our lazy asses and do it ourselves, but I’m not complaining. So what do developed but under privileged countries do to come up with the same luxury? They invent a robot to do it for them.

Called the TankPitStop robot and fixed to the Bowser, it will fill up your tank if it recognizes the make and model of your car and if your petrol cap does not need a key. It was invented by some guy who saw a robot milk a cow and figured that a robot could also fill up a car. I don’t see why not though, robots already build cars, I’m sure they can fill up their tanks as well.

One question though, What if the robot accidentally scratches my car? Or fills up diesel rather than petrol? Who will I beat up then? I’m guessing it’s the owner of the petrol station, I’m sure he would rather that than the robot considering it costs about 75,000 Euros. But for now, I’m quite content having others fill up my tank, I also get my windscreen cleaned for free, plus they get paid to do it too, no one’s complaining.
wakao ...if tis world continues like tat then hailat lah ..........
soon, they'll have robot's masturbating for us as well .... no more DIY !
Lady gonna love this, a robot help them to insert into the black hole.
They just sit down and enjoy the good time :biggrin:
hahahahha...u guys damn funny lah, serious thread pun bole jadi lawak :rofl: :rofl: :adore: ...hahahahaha
imagine d robot see a sexy car.. has a stiffy and sparks fly while pumping petrol... kaboom! mauhahaha
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