Opti-Coat™Pro : BMW 118i Midnight Blue

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1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
Senior Member
Jul 13, 2010

Some may feel disgusted on this ride as its based on a BMW F30 3 series while having no "butt". Being a hatchback, it might not be as popular as the sedan BMWs, but in our eyes, all cars had their beauty and we do not have any prejudice on any cars, except maybe a Fiat Multipla XD. On the coming series, we will be covering a few on these BMW 1 series. So stay tuned.

Early in the morning, the client actually drove his ride to our place, after a brief engine cool down until the bonnet was not hot and the brakes were cooled down we moved on to doing the regular walk around to spot for obvious damages.

First impressions on the painted surface, there was this weird smudge which looked like oil but could not be rubbed off.

The rear had some "leaks". Overflowing anti rust materials might be the cause of these, its rather common on BMWs.

Some watermarks stains was spotted on the windscreen.

Coming onto the the condition of the paint, we found hologram marks.

The sun was out so its a great opportunity to get some sun shots, obviously there were swirls on the paint too.

We suspected a cheap polish job was done since there was holograms on the paint, but this was next level. We call this pigtail damage. These form of damage is from having sand or hardened polishing compound on the pads. When used on the paint, it will cause damages like this.

Copming back to the smudge, there were also swirls.

On the rear bumper we spot some rather severe scratches and holograms. A poor attempt to polish off damage it seems.

First we tackled the lighter damages on the bonnet, which in this case was the swirls and smudge.

The sun actually confirmed our flawless finish.

On another section of the bonnet. Swirls corrected.

Remember we mentioned the pigtail damages. We were only able to reduce it to a less visible state.

On other sections, swirls are no more.

If you look closely, there is 1 light scratch just on top of the sun towards the right, that was 1 tough scratch to remove, hence we wouldn't risk burning thought the paint for that.

The poor attempt to remove damage on the rear bumper was sorted.

As night fell, we got some closer shots on the paint to double confirm the paint condition.

Final finishing on the paint and we're ready for the coating to be applied.

Before we finish, due to the heavy amount of dust residue from the cutting and paint restoration, another detailed wash, done.

Final shots we as usual, from a 12MP phone camera. No edits, no adobe lightroom to adjust, just a pure point and shoot. Enjoy the gloss, correctly done paint restoration, surface preperation and coating application.