Opti-Coat™Pro : BMW 120i Metallic Silver


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

For this BMW, the owner schedule the time with us to send us the car. Giving us plenty of time to work on it to really bring out the best surface condition on it. Silver is one the hardest colour to gain the glossy wet look but we had done it many times already, this is just another example of our work.

Upon arrival, we did a detailed wash on the car, removing all contamination and tar spots. A brief clay bar treatment was done to the surface as well.

After drying off the car, we were immediately able to identify and spot some light hologram damage on the front hood.

Glossy piano black pillars were quite scratched up mostly due to bad washing mitts or road side wash.

The glossy piano black pillars are quite badly swirled up. Not forgetting the watermark stains.

With some masking tape to seal up the trims and rubber, we manage to restore the piano black surface to as if new.

On the light hologram marks we mentioned earlier.

After paint correcting the hologram mark.

To further make sure the surface had no longer any swirls or hologram damage, we checked again on major and tight surfaces.

Final conclusion of swirl free surface.

The wheels are as usual covered in brake dust as most European cars.

Lug nut areas are also slightly stained from brake dust build up

After detailing and Opti-Coat Pro application.

As usual, we leave the best results for your viewing without any text interruption.