any proton tiara die-hards out there?

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ive got 2 fwens fuckin hard core tiara standard enjin but really2 more tiara offence but i ride dat tiara wit him always slumbe cucuk2 lie..sumtimes depan sumtimes blkg but truth its one fuckin horse man..haha..the other one always use to drift it at shah alam stadium..very nice..where u from??
yo...thanks for da seems like there are still a few proton tiara renegades out there...wah cool ler from what u said but isn't tiara a bit hard to modify? can drift mer tiara? first time i heard of such thing..i'm from kuching...
gud budget car to modify....but do you change the knuckle ar? tiara ori ones are 3 knuckle so abit hard to find any sport rim...
yes theres still people who luv this car..huhu..hard to modify but worthit..knuckles??lots of use spacer or like mr fluffy say cn change 1.4 hub.4e hub..yupp got team..wait..wait..i forgot..jap ehh...ahh xingat la in ireland rite now..dh agak lame xlepak ngn ma fwens..tu one could imagine tiara drifting(not laarr like drifter using backwheel) 360 cn n sliding oso cn..but dats my buddy..if u dun believe.maybe sat like dat if its raining a bit in the evening go at shah alam stadium..he jus luv to drift..haha.
wow...that's cool man..but i dunno what kind of performance upgrade i shud install on my car...i don't plan to do engine swap..maybe just upgrade a few parts..any ideas?
like i said..u could change ur carby with the citeron ones. seen many tiara owners do that. not too sure actually.never actually had experience with citeron stuff. :p sorry.but try asking around tiara owners..they might know.

or chop shops?
i noticed b4 from tiara owner, citroen 1.4 engine was around rm1k..

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