Opti-Coat™Pro : 3year old Mini Countryman’s Second Chance


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

This is a 3 year old, neglected, mostly parked outdoor, next to no maintenance Mini Countryman. It looks pretty glossy at first glance but you will be shocked to find out how severely damage the car is. Read on.

Upon arrival, we did the routine walk around to spot extremely visible damages. The paint looks surprisingly glossy but we know its fake!

We spotted the typical scratches as we investigate closer.

Aged dirt and road grime.

Faded rubber lining that had been collecting dirt from Day 1.

Extremely clustered watermark issues.

100% faded racing stripes decal.

A closer look on the oxidation build up.

A very dirty and neglected area.

Deep swirls on the paint.

Or should we say, deep swirls with a combination of watermark stains.

More extremely visible swirls.

So, we conclude the paint is "F**ked Up".

And when we thought that is the last of the damage? There is more.

We gave the car a detailed wash, cleaning all the window rubber lining, giving the entire car the clay treatment. Here is the clay before.

After claying 1 panel. You can obviously see dirt spots.

And finally a tar removal step.

Remember the faded black racing stripe?

After restoration.


Fancy a cool 50/50?

Here is general view of the restored decal.

We proceed to correcting half the hood. Check out the difference.

The door pillars before restoration.

Door pillar after restoration.

Because the paint was quite bad in shape, we only manage to restore this much.

If you didn't get what we meant, the paint had some leftover damages that could not be restored.

After losing count of how many hours we worked on this car, we finally came to the finale of protecting the final finishing with Opti-Coat ™Pro. Check it out.