VIDEO: Ferrari California (2013) - More Brute Than Babe


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Mar 6, 2012
Kuala Lumpur

This little clips shows of how Ferrari has injected a little more testosterone into its once feminine Ferrari California, and while it still looks rather lady-like, we have to admit, it's gotten more brutish than before.

<!--more-->The new Ferrari California starts off with a little tease as it shows how it drops its top for you in about 15 seconds followed by what sounds like a much more raspier 490bhp engine note with a maximum torque of 505Nm at 5,000rpm.

Its 4.3L V8 has been reworked and sounds much more ready for some abuse, having shed about 30kg of weight, thanks to a remapped ECU that's enabled this new California to sprint to 100kmh in just 3.8 seconds!

And with all that grunt available, you'd probably be forced to get the optional Handling Speciale package that comes with Magnetorheological dampers controlled by an even faster ECU (-50% response time) running patented Ferrari software. The package also features stiffer springs for more precise body control combined with a comfortable ride.

The California will also benefit from faster turn-ins with smaller steering wheel angles thanks to a new steering box with a 10% quicker steering ratio.

Of course, first deliveries will be made to Europe first, but once Ferrari turns it attention to making deliveries over here, we hope the optional Handling Speciale package will be made as standard.


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