Tips to Choosing the Right Custom Car Spoilers Best Fit for Your Car

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Jun 5, 2009
Spoilers are the wing like attachment fitted to the rear end, mounted on top of the trunk or attached just under the bumper in the front.
Many have a misconception that spoilers are only used to modify the shape of their cars so that it may look hot hot and sporty but they fail to realize that
spoilers do have some aerodynamic implications.Spoilers "spoil" any unfavourable air movement which comes in contact with the car during high speeds hence
the name "spoiler"

Many racing cars and other high performance sports cars have car spoilers mounted on them. Copying this sporty look, more and more passenger vehicles are
also using spoilers. Of course, a sleek and well-kept look not only makes the car look good, it also boosts its resale value.
But do not confuse spoilers with car ‘wings’ which basically produce down force when air passes around them.

Kinds Of Spoilers Available:


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Feb 7, 2009
My advice is go to a recommended shop which produce and install first to bodykit modding..tried to save money.

Instead, spent more money and time and sleepless nights taking it out and refitting cause of the shoody work.

There is no such thing as universal whatever, it cant fit all types of cars...


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Jun 5, 2009
yes u are right what u r trying to say in short is that "let the professionals do their work" but what u've failed to realize is that these professionals were once amature too.However if u are not a car enthusiast its recommended that u find a shop to fix your problems but if a car is ur passion then maintaining should give u the happiness no matter how many times u fail.

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I knew that

-Smaller intercooler
-Smaller sized of injectors
-intake system looks bit different ^^;; haha
-Brake system (originally 5 holes??? can't remember)
-one of strongest block for those 2.0 engines among the Mitsubish cars.
-Basically different ECU and wiring..
-No dash board for proton users..
what else???

I'm thinking of getting Wira Vr4 (originally 1.6) then I will put back

all my Evo3 stuff but use the Vr4 block.. so I don' have to go through

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