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1,000 RPM
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Dec 2, 2009
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Making impossible things possible

Dawn of a new hope -

One of my blog follower has been complaining of all his ride - that is full of swirls. every time when he call or SMS me he would says " I cant stand my rides any more - it is full of swirls & i cant trust any northern detailer"

a date set, while he is a conference, he left his ride to be detail

Good looking 5 years ride

Dirt accumulated from 500 KM drive to central.

close up shots to ....some scratches & RIDS

more close up scratches shot

scratches between the door of right side

front right front 1/4 panel

Bonnet up close shots - show a lots of swirls & scratches - esp rids

stains on the right side signal lamp

left side 1/4 front panel scratches

insects saps

a bugs life - ended here

sand blasted front right bumper

left side front bumper - sand blasted & scratches too -
this is a habitual driver who loves tailing trucks

left side skirting area - full of scratches from twigs or branches - as the onwer stay in interior

left side rear 1/4 dimpled

rear bonnet - swirls that irritates the drivers ( his the other new Odessy having the same issue)

another long deep scratches on the right side rear 1/4 of the ride

A deep cleaning begins with Power clean -ing
& agitate with soft hair brushes

remember my 1st post - pic before

after a quick shower

pics before
would you believe in magic ....

Pls dont be fooled, its all about sweat & took us 3 hours to achieve this

wheels before


close up - stains removed by power clean

tada - after

moving on to the interior

leathers seems to be dulled & un attractive

lots of stain & dirt accumulated over the years
close up pic of the leathers...

recommended to remove all oily dressing removed

it look dull & un attractive

a 50/50% protectant coated - judge for yr self

ta da

ta da

another 50/50% coated with protectant

dashes with ashes

oily looking dashes - lots of stains

another close up - right side door panel - oily looking

lets power girls do the power puff - with the power clean

agitate then brush - wipe off & walk away

ta da - after - silky feeling & not oily

i usually have lots of brushes - each of one specific area (like interior - exterior - engine - wheels)

oily looking dash before

once the oily dressing remove ( i discover it is tire dressing)

this was the reason it was dress heavily

ta da after - detail

do we dress it or protect it???? a question need to be asked to every driver

oily looking dashes - before & ....many under lining issue surfaced

oily looking dash before

once dressing remove - before coating with protectant

this is the evident - once the oily dressing removed

ta da

silky feeling & not oily that transfers dirt when is touched

moving to pedal detailing

agitate with power clean & brushes away

moving to hard to clean & reach area

making full use of every opportunity - the edges of the brushes



pic of a clean car, moving on to paint corrections

swirls from front bonnet

swirls from the hood - only can been seen under proper lighting (halogen 300 watts) or under sun light

more swirls

front bonnet right side

more swirls

more swirls

swirls before

ta da







another long key scratched damage

long key scratched by some idiots (pardon me) we have many teach you a lesson of nuisance,,,who just like to abuse others property

scratches as well


swirls of the rear light plastic

ta da

do u remember the sand blasted front bumper - dull & hazzy

ta da

glossy restored

dulled sand blasted looking bumper

tad a

do you remember this pic

it is not what you see, it is only a reflection of the real thing

here you goes

never takes anything for granted - things might not seems what is it suppose to be at times - just like a mirage in the desert

Mr L - polishing the gloss -

some parting pics

a restored hood

remember before

tad a now

the restored pride

gloss & reflection -

the roof

final touch



ta da



depth & reflection restored

do u remember the 1st pic u saw
Dawn of a new hope -

ta da another mirage -

The entire exterior - emblem - crevices area - lights - signals - door jam & engine is washed by Optimum Power Clean
dilutions OPC 1 part : 8 parts water exterior / paint
dilutions OPC 1 part : 5 parts water for interior
engine detailing dilutions OPC 1 part : 8 parts water
dress by Optimum Leather protectant - UV coated & good for all plastic & rubber

This car was washed by ONR with 3 microfibres
Clayed & lubricate with ONR 30ml in 500 ml water
Wash again with ONR

COMPOUND & POLISH - Lake country double sided wool pad ( speed1- 3)
stepdown to Lake country CCS Yellow pad (speed1-2- 3)
finishes Meguiars Soft buff (Speed 1-2-1)

Protected by optimum Optiseal - for all exterior parts inclusive of windows & plastic (15 minutes applications)

Waxed by Optimum Car Wax (5 minutes application)

Leather & interior protected by optimum leather protectant

thanks goes to Harold my assistant (who does all the wheels, engines & exterior rubber & plastic detailing ) & Mr L ( for cleaning claying & polishing ) as the passion still remains - all in the family

I would never enjoyed detailing so much without you guys

cheers to rest of you who have been following our detailien trails