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1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Apr 7, 2008
Hi all,

Appreciate your input based on scenario below. Thanks.

Car = e34 525 2500cc (aged more than 25 years old), papers complete.
Status = converted to v8 4000cc without tampering with original mounting and no cutting/modifying the chassis at all, papers complete too...

1. boleh endorse tak? if yes how? cos this is more than 25% increase of original cc...
2. since the chassis is more than 25 years old, can i get the 70% roadtax discount and consider this car as antique? so only pay rm800++ instead of rm6k++ per year... if yes how?
3. what is the cost to do the above plus tukar nama and roadtax?
4. any forumer/car owner/runner can do the above or have done the above i hope you can help me here.

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Beyond 20,000 RPM!
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Beyond 20,000 RPM!
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May 11, 2010
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Above 25% engine capacity already cannot pass.
Classic Car many conditions:- Main thing is original specs which yours already change engine again fail....

Read more:-
Vintage Cars:
Cars that can be classified as vintage cars are those that have reached the age of 50 years from the day they were produced.

Classic Cars:
Cars that can be classified as classic cars are those that have reached the age of 25 years from the day they were produced, including those referred to as collectors' items.

Conditions for Application
Only motorcars will be considered for application. Other terms and conditions for the procurement of vintage/classic status for the purpose of reducing the Motor Vehicle License (LKM) fee are:

Only motorcars that have been registered in Malaysia for 25 years qualify for the application process. Vintage/classic cars that were brought from another country only qualify after having been registered in Malaysia for 2 years.
The car must have a high value; befitting its antic status.
The car must be in mint condition, not rusted, with gleaming and spotless paintjob and chrome; or simply put in showroom condition.
The car must be roadworthy and all its systems must function well.
The car, its components and build must be in their original specifications, as produced by its maker.
The only permissible modifications are those on its brake, electrical and fuel injection systems and only then they are for safety purposes.
To be considered for application, an applicant must already possess more than 2 cars that are registered under his/her own name.
The chassis and engine numbers must be legible, and not disturbed or obscured.
Applicants must produce a recommendation letter/certificate from any vintage car owners clubs or other certified clubs that are similar in nature and operation
The motorcar must be put through an inspection by a Technical Officer/Motorcar Inspector of the local JPJ.

Application Process

Inspection of the vintage/classic car can be performed at the Automotive Engineering Department of your state JPJ.
Documents Required

Photocopy of the registration card (and the original copy).
Photocopies of the registration cards of two other vehicles registered under the applicant's name (and the original copies).
Photocopy of owner/applicant's Identity Card.
At least 4 photographs of the motorcar from the front, rear, the sides and of the steering wheel/dashboard.
Recommendation letter/certificate from a certified vintage car owners club.

Vehicle Inspection

For the inspection, the applicant must produce the necessary documents along with the vehicle.

Inspection on vintage/classic motorcars looks at the vehicle's authenticity..
Inspection specifications:
Inspection of the car's authenticity, to verify that its chassis and engine numbers have not been changed, and that they are similar to what is stated in the vehicle's registration card.
The authenticity inspection comprises inspections on: the original engine, the original chassis, original body (not modified), original transmission and suspension systems, front and rear axles, registration number and steering (original and not of the ‘sports' type)./li>
icon Inspection Procedures

Issuance of the Vintage/Classic Car Status Certificate

All applications and reports on vintage/classis cars made at state JPJ offices must be forwarded to the Automotive Engineering Department of the JPJ headquarters for processing and re-evaluation, before they are forwarded to the Director-General of JPJ.
Successful applicants will be issued a Confirmation Certificate, which is signed by the Director-General of JPJ, for the purpose of reducing the Motor Vehicle License fee; with a 90% reduction for vintage cars and 80% reduction for classic cars.
This certificate must be reissued every 3 years, or when the ownership changes, or when the vehicle registration number is interchanged, whichever comes first. If any of these happen, the owner must re-apply for the status of the car and take all the steps listed above.
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