Honda civic fd2 with k20z2 engine turbo installation


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Feb 25, 2011
Kuala Lumpur
Hi guys,

This thread is For those of u who has honda civic fd2 k20 2.0l with autogearbox !

I've started installing turbo on my civic and will let u know about the whole process ;) at this moment i've ordered the turbo and everything and its gonna take about 1-2 weeks to reach malaysia and once it has arrived , i'll start the installation and i'll try to put all pictures here . Hopefully i'm gonna achieve 250-300 whp from it. My car is 2009 and im living in malaysia .

Waiting for ur replies and ideas :D guys plz be patient
Are you going to retain the auto tranny for this project?
250-300whp would be a massive torture for the engine, let alone the autobox.

Nonetheless, it is a very interesting project. I'm subscribed to this thread.:biggrin:

Thank u guys for ur intrest in this project . Believe me guys i cant wait myself , but ive to because the turbo is on its way from US !
Everything is going well so far , except hondata! It seems like for this car i cant use hondata so i gotta go for a piggy back .
If there is anybody who can install the hondata on this car , plz let me know.

As BE5RSK mentioned it might be dangerous , but i'm sure the gearbox can take it . Guys dont forget there r lots of powerful cars with auto gearbox . However i think we'll make the fastest honda civic fd2 auto at least in malaysia so stay up on this thread.
Pics will be taken from the process for sure and videos of testing the car after installation will be uploaded .

Thanks again ;)
Bro, I believed you have consulted lots of tuners or experienced sifus before you doing this. The parts already ordered, right?

Mind if you taking some pics of the parts that arrived? Also don't forget the pics during the built process.

Cheers for you bro, good luck.:party:
Yeah bro , i talked with lots of tuners . It took me like 3 month asking professionals .
Sure when i got the package , i'll post pictures of it . Infact the package just left the US, using tracking code it has left chicago yesterday so another 6 days and i'll receive it . The package is originally made for acura csx which is the exact copy of this car . Thanks alot for supporting . This project is gonna be greate and popular.
For ur information installation will be done by GT auto ( sunway ) .
Even my type r running 240whp , I'm worry about the gearbox . Ofcoz in uk those may saleh had been running with 300-330whp whp and rated it safe. of parts is serviceable . However if u ask around type r community . Most of us never dare to do hard launch . If you are using wide sticky tyre plus LSD + constant drag launch , Breaking drivetrain almost come as certain . 250-300 whp is alot power we are taking about bro. I really doubt a stock fd2 tranny or driveshaft will last long considering type r drivetrain is even stronger but we still felt worry 24/7 . Something gonna give way for a family oriented fd2 with that much power IMO
Haha , its gonna be ok ! I asked alot of people and professionals . Lots of parts will be changed to reduce the pressure on gearbox. Type R owners r gonna be scared ! Haha , just joking ;)

That kit qme9019 introduced is so cheap and i'm sure its fragile and made in china ! Never ever try to buy cheap stuff especially when we talk about tunning ! Thank u all anyways ;)
Wonder what turbine you are going to use...

Me myself, I had a plan to induce my H22A with turbo, but due to some reasons, it just cant be materialised.

I wish you will succeed bro. Your dream of 250-300whp will requires you a lots of passion and patience (besides lots of money of course). To built a reliable and efficient VTEC turbo is quite tough challenge. Some people just called it off when they were in the middle process, due to some setback and problems occurred.
Bro i know what u mean , lets say everything goes on plan ;) it has lots of difficulties , but will go through them all :) however most of the projects are risky ;) thanks alot guys for ur support , i wont let u down ;) this project will be done soon :D
This is truly a project worth following up from scratch. You have my support, man.

When it's complete, I request a dyno video in advance :biggrin:
bro, dont forget to take a lot of photo of the parts and process.
Make it like a built thread.:top:
what about the management? contacted my tuner yet?

sorry bro , not yet . tomorrow I'll contact him.

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afew pictures of the turbo. more picture from installation proccess , soon .



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Check out Hondata K-pro or FlashPro. They should be able to do the job just fine. Good luck on yr build!
Hi again,

Announcement !!! Installation process will start on monday ! Stay updated ...

To stingg: i'm really intrested to use hondata , but they cant install it on this car properly. Everywhere i go they say something will have problem after reflashing using Hondata !

But the last place i went , as one of the members here told me to check it out , he is gonna find something out and let me know soon!
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