Bluetooth rearview mirror bulit in 3.5" TFT Parking sensor

Mar 3, 2009
when you driving a car , calls coming in , u have to use one hand to run ur phone . To avoid such illegal things, PPL talk via bluetooth earphones .

To detect car back things , ppl make sensor with camera for safety driving .

Now there is hot item called bluetooth rearvirw mirror with built-in 3.5" TFT . driver could see caller when driving once ur phone paried with such device ,

When you place your car into reverse, it will Automatically engages into displaying by camera on 3.5" TFT.

It also Built-in dual stereo louder speaker, &

Built-in FM frequency transmitter connect to your car stereo,total 7 points available.

Although It's not a standard for car, It's necessory for safety car !