1. M

    Wiring and Vacuum Diagram for Satria 4G13 Carb

    Dear Sifus, Was wondering I can seek help from any of you regarding wiring and vacuum diagram for the above mentioned model. My I've rebuild my engine 4 years ago and decided to finish it up last month. However there are still some wiring connectors and vacuum hoses that I'm concern might not...
  2. minibeany

    Sound dampening or Spray paint first

    Hi All, Seeking for some advice. I have an old proton Wira and thinking of giving it a refresh. I would like to do 1) sound dampening (floor and door) and 2) spray a new paint. Which one shall I do first? Thanks in advance.
  3. N

    Conversion GSR 1.8 Turbo (4G93T) - Wira/Satria/Putra

    Hi otai2 / king2. My Case I have one humble Wira SE (1.5 Auto) and I’m keen to do a GSR 4G93T halfcut swap from Japan stock. Currently, I have a new Myvi D20N-Advance (2018) as my daily ride. Though, I plan to pass this car down to my future wife for her commute to work to replace her Altis...
  4. A

    Car Servicing and Performance Upgradement

    Salam guys, i have Proton Wira engine 4g15 SOHC. if i want to change SOHC to DOHC by changing top engine is it possible and worth it?

    JASMA GSR 4G93T BANANA HEADER ! Full set with gasket ------------------------------------------------------- -We also have various type of blow off, fuel regulator, fuel pump, intercooler, radiator and MORE ! PM us for more detail NOW! ------------------------------------------------------ VISIT...