To all members. Please recommend a good & reasonable paint shop for my car.

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Mit 4g93

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Jul 29, 2006
Need to respray my car inside & outside. Has anyone here got any good recommended place where i can go?
i dont have any recommend place for u...instead of there are many paint shop outside...

but i have a good advice...dont be cheated by a cheap price offered...

i have an experience on it...1 year, paint oledi "mati"...
yup have to wait 1year, then you know which place is better...hehe
my family is doing this business...all paint is done in the oven...for more info plz pm me ur place n contact no...
i think the good paint is ori from factory...other shop cant do same like ori colour,just look like new but no quality colour!!ori colour give more shine and very hard to crash..10 year still shining..
All pms replied. I would like to change the colour to perdana v6 black.Inclusive of some knocking & fiber works. Pls quote me the price. TQ
If you dont mind coming to klang, then "United Teh Auto Repair Sdn. Bhd." will be good, how much you pay is how good you get, they don't give cheap price...but they do good work... car must go to the workshop for them to see, they are expert... if you really go there, just say recommended by the eldest son
Mit 4g93 : Bro i pun tumpang masuk ye...since we both wanna re-spray, can help each other to get good deal shop...hehehe ok rite?

I also looking for a good paint shop, so far i dont hav any place also.
Im loooking for re-paint the whole car (in and Out) to white. Now the car is in blue color its satria.

What normally or im looking for is :-
1.) To remove all the parts out of car and paint properly (seat+Dashboard+carpet+lights) not the engine if its gonna cost a bomb
2.) Good Quality Job
3.) Frendly Man and honest person in work
4.) Good Price for the good work
5.) Body Kits fix and alignments nicely
Can try G-Spray works workshop. Location

3° 2'29.52"N

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