Project Kancil Moderno with EJ1000 TD04L

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Oct 16, 2018
Hello everyone,

My name is Fairuz, 36 y.old from southern Malaysia. Well, my enthutiast and passion of Kei Car was started back on 2000. My father gave me a first car after finished my high school. It was Kancil 660cc. The car then has been transplant with Mira L200s Turbo engine. I was enjoy using that stock turbo for about a year but sadly later need to sell the car due to financial problem.

Now October 2018, i'm started to have some extra money in my bank and thought why not to start Kancil project again. But this time it won't be a stock Turbo, but Beast. lol. The planned was nicely discuss among me, my big brother and several foremans for a week just to make sure the setup that i want can be fullfill. My aim is for drag and daily use as well.

The kancil that i bought was my father's car. He can't manage it anymore and the car left unused for a year. So i bought from him last week and in my mind this car will be shining to its glory, and more.

This evening, my kancil will be towing to my Tuner Workshop, and the day that i'm waiting for so long will start. So happy about this.

Stay tune guys, more will be update time to time.

Attachment is my current Kancil looks like. Its a stock 660cc Soch. The engine leaked and can't be started. Some tyres also flat due to unused for so long. My father did applied Mira L2 Moderno Bodyparts to this kancil, L5 Dashboard, L5 Seats and thats it.

My plan for this car are as below :
1. Engine Halfcut EJ1000
2. Bolt On Turbo
3. Piston Nissan March 73mm
4. Metal Gasket
5. Port Polish Head
6. Rebuild Engine Parts ( Screw/Nut/Wear Tear )
7. Turbo TD04 GSR Double Fin
8. Service Turbo
9. External Wastegate Tial
10. Custom Banana
11. Fuel Injector GSR
12. Fuel Pump High Rate
13. Fuel Regulator
14. Custom Intercooler
15. Custom Radiator
16. Full Stainless Steel Pipe
17. Open pod Air Filter (Apexi/HKS)
18. Greddy E-Manage Blue
19. Oil Catch Tank
20. New AirCond System
21. Gearbox 1000cc ( Retune Ratio )
22. Exedy Single Plate Racing Clutch
23. Sard R2D2 Blow Off Valve
24. L5 Rear Disc Brake
24. L2s Front Disc Brake
25. 2.2 inch St.Steel Straight Pipe Exaust

1. L500 Dashboard Black TRXX (White Meter)
2. 4 doors L200S (Power Window, Black Panel)
3. Panel Pillar L500
4. Turbo Timer HKS/Greddy
5. Boost Meter Defi
6. Boost Controller HKS
7. Pivot Speedmeter / Apexi RSM
8. L500 roof

1. Body Part L200S full
2. Wheels TE37 15 inch Black
3. Body Paint : Black 2k
4. Silver Lining at skirting and Air Scoop.

Project estimate : 3 - 4 weeks!

Please feel free give any comment or idea for my setup list. Thanks.
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the list is quite long and full with performance parts. hope you can build your car nicely to what you want it
Do share some photos on the process and looking forward for some videos on the drive after engine is run in.
I strongly suggest u add some comfort mod into the list such as sound proof, premium tint, modify to bigger aircond compressor...

Because u mentione it will be used daily and driving a kancil is a Honda EX5 with roof. In your case a very powerful Honda EX5.
share a bit of your ride man.. since mine also reaching time to refurbish internal and also external due to engine been trash by someone:banghead::banghead:..
plan to load cvt turbo L5 engine now for long destination run as golf cart :biggrin: but still calculating the budget since no time to fix it...
I'm surprised you can still source a L200S engine. A long long time ago I had a project with a friend to mod his moms Kancil and we just couldn't find any L200S engines lying around in halfcut shops. Those that we did find had documentation issues or were in too bad shape.
Well, its already towed last week and bring to designated workshop as planned


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The engine! EJ-VE 1000 DVT. I bought it halfcut. The original gearbox are auto. Therefore i add purchase with EJ-DE 1000cc Manual gearbox. All seems good with the engine, no leaking, radiator no rust and oil, Engine Oil also clean, No white smoke from the exhaust. My foreman do his job check every aspect. I'm quiet satisfied with it.


  • IMG-20181019-WA0000.jpg
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Well, i bought used TD04L that came from Mits. GSR 1.8 from a workshop at Damansara. They packed it well and post it to Johor. I'm quiet satisfiied with the turbo, the rotor sub still tight. But it will be service and clean by my foreman. Just to make sure everythings going smooth and show its true potential.


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Back to the workshop, the old engine was taken out from the bay. The engine served my dad well for almost 9 years without any major problem.

Those mechanic detached everythings from the bay. Degrease and clean it well for engine bay painting process next day.


  • IMG-20181019-WA0056.jpg
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The engine will be fully overhaul. I told them to replace all bearings, rings and clean it like a new engine came out from factory.

Those original 72mm piston will be remove and replace by low comp Nissan March 72mm. Its a same size, so no rebore should be done inside the cylinder. All nuts and screw are custom made from Titanium. I ordered it from a steel factory at Taman Universiti, JB.


  • IMG-20181019-WA0061.jpg
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I manage to found good condition 72mm piston from a shop at KL as well. Asked them to post it here.


  • IMG-20181019-WA0069.jpg
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They packed it well. Expected to arrive johor by today.


  • IMG-20181019-WA0071.jpg
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All parts been disamble yesterday. Balancing, porting and clean. There is slight skimming on the head.


  • IMG-20181020-WA0057.jpg
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Oil sump need to drill a hole to make a return oil hose from the turbo. Cleaning and drilling started yesterday.


  • IMG-20181020-WA0056.jpg
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Unused EJ Auto Gearbox with shaft, Absorbers and coils, Brakes and driveshaft. I planned to sold this things. Anyone interested give me a message at 0197206878. Plug and plug for Kelisa.

Brakes i will using double layer L5 front and Rear as well. Drive shaft will use Kancil 850cc. I ordered a Trinity Racing cluth 4 puck from local aftermarket shop at JB. For pedals clutch rails will using Kelisa. For absorbers and springs i'm still not consider yet. Any suggestion?


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Clutch received. Cant wait to use it.


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