Perodua Viva 1.0 Modification advise needed


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Aug 17, 2013
Kuala Lumpur
* re-post frm other thread

hi guys, b needing sm help/suggestion frm sifu2 zth here. heres some noobmod dat i currently hv & a few wishlist:

1) te37 replica (gravel specs) 14"x6jj +38 4x100 + nexen n'priz shj9 165/55/r14 (will install dis coming saturday/monday as item ordered frm penang. tot of getting achilles atr-k sport semi slick but scared of skidding in wet weather. (& oso budget constrained as nexen @ rm125 while achilles @ RM155 :bawling: ). dunno hw long achilles will last as my everyday sector will b keramat/klia/keramat. clocking bout 130km mileage everyday.
2) works lcp - a/c belt hv to change to kelisa 1. so far i didnt noticed any poor a/c performance. nvrdless, viva a/c is nvr dat sejuk :mad:.
3) proride sport spring
4) proride sport absorber - theres annoying knocking sound came frm LH side "guk guk guk" when goin thru uneven/rough road. any1 knw hw to solve this? its still under warranty as i just bought it bout couple of months ago.
5) ur front stabilizer bar
6) ur rear arb 18mm
7) works/simota drop in air filter
8) denso iridium ik16
9) r-bach spring buffer x 04

tot of adding dis in future:

1) passo front brake kit. anyw, does myvi LB 1.5 brake can b p&p installed to viva wt no mod? as i noticed myvi lb brake pad slightly bigger than old 1, so imho it shud provide better braking. correct no? or shud i just change my stock rotor & pad to performance 1? will it suffice? proride having sales price RM300 (rotor + pad)
2) supercircuit brake hose kit
3) arospeed acp - any other acp dat u guys can recommend? what/which brand is d most durable timing belt available for viva?
4) POWERZONE HIGH PERFORMANCE DOHC CAMSHAFT. oredi chk wt abg wan regarding dis but he say no stock & not keeping any stock due to low demand. but he said i can provide him d standard camshaft & he will send it to australia cam factory for re-profiling. turn around lead time will take bout 1mth++. come to think of it, all this while they been selling 2nd hand re-profiled camshaft bcos u hv to trade in ur camshaft. isnt it? tot d item is brand new manufactured like jasma. i was quoted RM1.5k w/o installation. currently, i hv an extra set of viva 1.0 camshaft :proud: . do u guys think d price is ok? any1 knws hw much is matspeed camshaft? which tuner is better?
5) alu radiator - avs @ RM400 & forged @ RM600. both w/o installation. but izit necessary?:hmmmm:
6) radiator cap 1.3bar. no idea what brand to get...
7) mine is s-series & does not come wt front arb. so most probably be getting oem bar (RM305 complete assy) as theres no ur front arb available for viva. i knw ur does custom made bar but i foresee dat will cost a bomb. really wish dat infinite-melvin still hv his dsport bar & can buy cheap2 frm him. hehehe. another thing, whenever i go above 100km/h even on a straight highway, i felt dat d car is swaying to left/right. dat is just damn scary:hmmmm: . will front arb solve this? does any viva owner here came across this issue?
8) pz 3-2-1 tuned length extractor
9) semi bucket - mayb. but wife no like. says like sitting on papan. haishhh!
10) atf cooler. but which 1?

dats bout it. any suggestion r most welcome. sori 4 d longwinded story/questions post :adore: :sleep: tengs!

* side note: reason i choose viva bcos its cheap & less modding options. i very seldom see viva performance parts in market. so this cud restrict money flowing out frm my wallet (sometimes wife's monthly allowance :biggrin:) & less nagging frm my wife oso hehehe. well i cud mod my wife BLM but dat cud put meself on wife's kitchen chopping board. so best to leave it untouched as family car aka kids playground on family days out. huhuhu. :burnout: