Optimum Lustré : Honda Civic FC

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1,000 RPM
Senior Member


1,000 RPM
Senior Member
Jul 13, 2010

Honda has one of the worst PDI we have seen for the past years. Paint quality on its own had already been quite a pain in the a*s plus the horrible PDI. It just creates disappointment for new car owners. One of our friend actually just bought this brand new Honda Civic Premium Turbo and the paint condition....

The car came from quite a drive from Seremban but it seemed rather clean.

Some damages on the newly installed spoiler.

The sun revealing all the damages.

Hologram damage on the paint

More hologram damages.

On the front bonnet, the hologram damages were more severe.

We did some delicate polishing as Honda paints are soft paints.

We managed to achieve a flawless finish!

Upon applying the finishing coating, check out the mad gloss!