Optimum High Gloss Coat : Renault Clio RS


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

We have a rather special ride here with us today, previously coated with Opti-Coat Pro by a self proclaimed "master detailer". As we inspected the car we found out what was the "quality" of the job. The owner contacted us as he had noticed the car looks rather dull and scratched up, so we showed up on our appointment date and started to work on it. Read on to find out what we found.

Upon arrival, we did our routine walk around and found that the paint was not in the worst shape. Swirls were noticeable.

Some areas are covered in watermarks.

Some areas had watermarks and some rather deep scratches.

As the car was detailed by a "master" detailer, we wouldn't have expect holograms to be found, but here you go, hologram damage.

But you can actually see that Opti-Coat Pro had protected the car some rather severe swirl issues, even for a 4 years coated car, the swirl level was not severe.
We first started with a detailed wash and during claying, the paint was rather dirty.

After some paint correction, the paint was back to a tip top condition.

For this session, the client decided to go for our exclusive High Gloss Coat, which gives a extreme reflection and gloss for a budget rate. Not stressful on the wallet but yet still give your pride and joy the gloss it deserves.

Check out the After effects of High Gloss Coat. Amazing? Glossy? Wet enough?