Optimum High Gloss Coat : Mazda CX-5


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Today we are working on the brand new Mazda CX-5, already impressed with the looks and all, we are excited as we are going to make her into a mirror! The coating we are using today is a custom formula developed by us over the years of experience in this industry. For more info, you can simply PM, E-mail or Whatsapp to us direct as this is not a sale post but a article featuring this ride's process.

Upon arrival, we can instantly notice how dirty the car wash. Because of its colour, dirt may not be so visible.
Rain stains with a mixture of dust and sand.

The side panels were covered!

On to the paint condition, we were greeted by hologram marks.

Swirl marks were also visible all around the car.

More visible holograms.

Deep swirls spotted.

Some areas had lighter swirls

More severe swirls on some sections

Remember the deep swirls we spotted earlier.

After some much needed paint restoration, this was the outcome.

On the rear boot area, we can visibly see the swirls.


All sections of the paint was corrected into this level of finishing.

Some sun shots to double check on the finishing.

Final inspection on the swirls.

And we were ready to apply the High Gloss Coat.

The High Gloss Coat is a 6H custom formula that with our constant R&D and follow up with clients, 2 years old and the first client that applied this coat still have zero issues with watermark and swirls!

Wheels were as usual covered in brake dust.

With the help from some pH neutral iron remover, we dissolved the brake dust for a cleaner finish.

The finishing was a mirror finish, giving the car a even more redefined shape and lines.