Optimum Coating : Lexus ES

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Jul 13, 2010
We have with us the all new BMW F30 competitor, the continental car luxury killer the Lexus ES. Being a luxury Japanese car, the paint should be quite good and the post delivery is supposed to be perfect but...


Upon arrival, what we saw was just dust, bird droppings, watermarks on the paint, stains and all the normal daily driven road contaminants. Little to us to find out was...

Dust covered panels with combo of watermarks

That bird dropping stain gave us the chills as we did not know how long was it there.

As we move on to the paint inspection, we found some holograms caused from post delivery procedures.

In fact, we founds such holograms all over the car.

Some were quite severe, some were...Not so severe on some panels.


We immediately started the cleaning process from tyres, wheels to body and trims. Resulting in a shiny and clean finish.

After much detailed cleaning and washing, we moved on to the paint correction. Holograms were successfully removed

On all the panels.

Then the surface was ready for the full coverage of Opti-Guard


Dull, unattractive the wheel are, it was covered in the standard brake dust like every other car.

Zoomed in, it was light but it was there.

Drew a line with the finger and you can see the contrast of the brake dust and the surface underneath

Wheel barrel was filthy as well

After much attention to the details, you can finally see the wheel bling up. After that we got it coated to lock in those shines.

And of course, wheel barrel is squeaky clean!

As a results of much pampering to such a new car.

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