Optimum Coating : Honda HR-V in Silver.


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

We have with us a 1 day old Honda HR-V. This round, we are at Malacca, the historical state of Malaysia. Not wasting any time, lets start with the process.

Upon arrival, we did our usual walk around the car to spot any visible damages.

The car was swirl free as we inspected the paint with a LED light.

We looked closer at other panels and concluded the car to be at a tip top paint condition.

Recently, we had many cases of badly scratches taillights, hence as a precaution, we inspected the taillights closely as well.

Although the paint was in good shape, we found the texture to be slightly rough. A full car claying was done.

After claying, we gave the car a light polish to smooth out the surface.

Finally, we checked the surface for any left over marring from the claying process.

The sun came out hence we took all these shot without any artificial lighting.

Finally, the surface is now coating worthy.

The wheels were not very dirty since the car is a day old.

There were some light signs of use.

Wheel Barrel was also dirty from rain puddles beside of the road.

We cleaned the wheel.

Finally, we coated the wheels and gave it a coat of tyre shine.

Lastly, the car was coated and left to cure. Here are the results.