Optimum Coating : Ford Kuga


1,000 RPM
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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Just like any brand new car, this Ford Kuga is no exception. We always tell our clients that even though your car is brand new and a few days old, it does not mean that the production date was a few days old. Most cars are stored in open air warehouses till the batch is complete. Prior completion of the batch, the car might have been left outdoors for a extensive time, hence the elements will be damaging the paint.

Upon arrival, we started to inspect the car, with limited time and a huge surface area to work on, we started immediately.

The paint is swirled up.

Holograms are also visible.

We assume that the car had to have some serious stains as the entire car had been polished.

Due to the lack of experience with a rotary buffer, the person that polished the car left us tonnes of paint correction to do.

The wheels looked like they had some very greasy tyre shine on it.

A closer look and the thickness of the brake dust is just speechless.

Wasting no further time, we started with the standard deep clean, scrubbing the low quality tyre shine off.

Although the paint had been polished, it was not detailed, hence most trim and edges of the car is stain covered.

We also clayed the car as we found the paint to be very rough. Claying will smoothen the paint and also show us how dirty it is.

After much intense cleaning and stain removed, we polished the paint. Here is the after.

Immediately, the shine was restored and gloss enhanced, this time, the owner came by and was just blown away.

After around more than 8hours of paint correction, we applied Opti-Coat Pro for the final protection. Check out the results. White, can have the wet glossy look too.