Opti-Coat™Pro Plus : Porsche Cayman (Full Exterior Restoration)

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Jul 13, 2010

We have with us an almost new Porsche Cayman with us today. The owner purchase the car from another fellow enthusiast that claims to had upkeep the car to its tip top condition with many love on the exterior as well. But those claims were far from true when the paint condition was diagnosed. Read on to find out more.

Upon arrival, we had the standard walk around to spot for any irregular paint defects and damages. It had rained earlier in the morning and the water beadings are actually showing alack of paint protection already.

The first damage we spotted was some deep random scratches. Notice the water beadings we mentioned above, its safe to say that the paint had zero wax on it. Zero wax=zero protection.

As we move on, watermark etching was spotted too.

On the rear spoiler, you can actually see more watermark etching.

On the rear boot, deep scratches can be seen from miles away.

Constantly parking near a tree had cause some tree sap to also etch onto the paint.

Combine those scratch and tree sap, you get a pretty big mess!

After we wiped down the car, the earlier scratch is even more visible!

Now, here comes the shocking part! Check out the circled area. The sunlight at the time of the photo was not even bright but it is showing some really bad polishing marks. Probably done with cheap polishers, with the wrong polishing pad combination and the wrong product!

This condition can be seen throughout the entire car.

If its visible even on the softest lighting, its consider a horrible polish job.

As we dig deeper into the mess, we found some lighter scratches on the paint.

Now when we apply proper lighting, we can see that the so called "well maintained" was a scam? You be the judge.

More swirls and scratches around the paint.

Fuel door was also significantly damaged. Noticed the white spots around the door, those are the residue left over by the polish.

Swirls and tree sap etching is visible also on the front bonnet.

The swirl level is deemed to be at the critical stage, if nothing is done, the paint will start to fade and oxidize into a matte surface.

We spend about 2hours washing the car, claying and decontaminating the car of tar spots, metal particles, etc. It looks shiny now but its all an illusion!

After some fiddling with different polish combinations, we found the perfect one for the Cayman, check out the before and after on this shot.

As for the swirls and tree sap etching, This is a before.

This is an after shot. Fortunately, the tree sap did not etch into the paint and was removed with ease.

The result of restorations on the doors.

On the rear quarter panel which the deep scratches use to be at.

As perfect as we want to claim our work to be, it can never be 100% flawless. On the circled area, there is actually a leftover scratch that we could not removed. Might not be visible, but it is there.

After close to 6hours on detailing and polishing the car, its now the true black with the true shine.

Upon finishing the job, we did some videos, snap some photos. Check it out.
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