Opti-Coat™Pro Plus : Neglected Kia Optima K5


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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010

Its has been a while since we had a posting because we are actually in the mist of switching into another platform to showcase our work (Youtube). Anyhows, Here we have an Kia Optima K5, one of the most luxury Kia can offer to you. The owner, has had 2 cars done by me already and wanted the last car (the wife's car) to be detailed and coated as well.

Upon arrival, the car looks decent from a distance but you might know, I am never impressed with that.

Just by the standard walk around the car, we already see many stains.

Rain stains.

Stubborn stains leftover from the rain.

A deep scratch with some bacterial/fungus growth on the edges.

More black stains.

Even the door handle area is so black, we had to use a cloth to open the door. (It was that disgusting.)

The general view of the car was not even close to acceptable. But of course, that is why we are here.

The fuel door, when we poped it, scare the hell out of me.

Paint condition wide, we see lots of swirls.

More swirls found on the bonnet.

Hologram damages.

The swirls might not look severe on photo due to the colour but trust us, it is very severe.

So we started of with the decontamination. Before. Disgusting??

After cleaning.

We kept rinsing the edges and it just didn't stop spitting out black stuff, so we decided to remove the chrome trim. To our HORROR!

After cleaning the area.

So after hours of cleaning, we started with the polishing. On the left, the panel looks way darker than the original colour. You can see the line right on top of the Kia wording.

After paint restoration. Following photos were taken under the sun.

After hours of restoring the paint, this was the final outlook before we washed the car in preparation for the coating application.

We applied Opti-Coat™Pro Plus as the finishing and the car stayed with us overnight. Imagine the look on the owner's face when he saw the car the next morning.