Modyfiying clutch

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Jan 18, 2005
Selayang Baru
I want to ask is there is somebody want to change flywheel, clutch cover and clutch mmc super touring 1.6. I can buy it and lightened it for U. The reason I'm willing to do it for U is because my Iswara is now using the set without lightened the flywheel. So if somebody want to change it I will use the flywheel and lightened it first and change it to my iswara first.

the cost of the set is around rm 180 and lightened it according to your car is about rm 80. and total is about rm 260.

call me Joe - 013-3230900. I live at Selayang :D :D :D
:huh: ...u mean u helping ppl to fix into their car or u going ask them buy the thing and fix in into ur car?? blur...
Sorry if U blur. I just helping to buy the set and lightened the flywheel only lorr. and then suggset the mechanic to change the set if U dont have mechanic.

p/s thanks for the question. It makes this clear

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