Build 93,67 and 63 Turbo engine

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3rd GearPerformance House

500 RPM
Senior Member
Nov 5, 2008
Hi All.This is a good new for everyone to upgrade the 93,67 and 63 turbo engine with 3rd GearPerformance pakage.Good for daily driving with 350hp-400hp.This is what we do

1.Microtech LT10s,X4,Harnes including Installation and Tuning Dyno
2.Head gasket 1.8mm
3.Head Polish,Grandvalve and Cleaning
4.Wiseco Pistons
5.Eagle Rods
6.New Engine Gasket
7.New O ring
8.New Oil Seal
9.New Timing Belt n Bearing
10.New Engine Belt
11.New ACL engine n Rod Bearing
12.New Water Pump
13.GT30/35 turbo 450hp
14.Custom Turbo manifold
15.Inlet turbo oil line
16.Return oil line
17.Oil Filter
18.Water Line
19.New Intercooler
20.Intercooler Piping,Hose and Clips
21.New K&N Air filter
22.Exzos Dowm Pipe
23.New 38mm Wastegate
24.New Walbro Fuel pump and Fuel filter
25.New Fuel Regulator and Meter Gauge
26.New Injectors Delphi 650cc 4pc

All engine build under 3rd Gear are waranty for 6 month.And real hp u get it on the dyno.
Pls PM me for any question or fill free give a call 0178320009
its aint gonna be cheap i guess...atleast 6k +++ minimum
turbo alone i guess is close to 6k..if 6k for the items listed above, i dun mind paying 10k then..:thefinger:
this post is 2009. and the thread starter hardly logon alr.. maybe better sms/call him.

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