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Feb 13, 2009
hello there...............

last monday i had an accident n my "baby" badly injured. now my "baby" at w/shop to settle all the claim from the car i hit. lucky me its not my fault, so i can claim that car ins la.

the prob here is my "baby" badly injured at front left n cause my a/cond sys, radiator, s/rim and many more rosak teruk. the worst thing is i'm afraid that my casis going effected. the pomen there told me to "tarik" the body to make everything legal but i'm afraid they cannot make it perfect. i get a suggestion from my friend to take a new nose cut (i mean from half cut la) to make sure my "baby" x jln mcm ketam nnt.

but can its be done?????

i try to post my "baby" pic a . s . a . p to seek for advice before any work started after all document settle by ins.

i'm confuse right now. if "tarik" not perfectly done, my "baby" become crab but if i take a new nose cut for sure i hv prob in future wif puspakom......

pls advice:adore::adore::adore:
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