wheel spacers

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    wheel spacers: 3 importent things to consider before buying

    Hey,guys. many times,we want to buy wheel spacers for our cars, but what should you consider before buying it? Today, I will share 3 importent things must be considered before you buy wheel spacers. Because safety is the most importent thing for you. 1. Safety is our first consideration when we...
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    BONOSS Wheel Spacers for my Mercedes-Benz C260(W205)

    Hey guys, I want to choose wheel spacers for my car, Just wondering if any of you added spacers to the car? How's the look, can some of you post pics! Also, wondering if it will affect the handling or something.. I want it to look a little more wider from behind. My friend choose the BONOSS...
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    Install Bonoss wheel spacers for Mazda 6 (Atenza)

    Hey,guys! I'm new here to the forum, I baught a car for myself,and i first time to install wheel spacers for the car. After installation, It looks very beautiful, so I can't help but want to share it to my friends,hope you likes it . Check the vehicle: Measure the thickness data that fits...