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  1. Lunatic Rider

    Michelin Energy XM2

    Hi all, I originally planned for Michelin PS3 15inch, as I thought I would have the budget for rims. But that on hold now, no budget :0 So for the time being I'll be sticking to my stock 14 inch Saga FL Sport Rims. I've been running used Michelin XM2's for 4 years now. But I feel its time for...
  2. Lunatic Rider

    Saga FL 1.3 (M) | Need Standard Modding Advice

    Hello sifu's, I am interested in leveling up my FL, and have a roadmap in mind. Hope sifu's can give me guidance on where to get the parts and where to get magic hand mechanics :) Basically I am looking at daily driving improvement, and a little bit of Kuala Klawang'ing :D No forced induction...