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  1. We want your used car

    Hi guys, Are you planning to sell your car but don't know how? Let us help you, we buy ANY MAKE | ANY MODEL. CarDeals4u aim to provide you with a Quick, Easy and Hassle Free way to Sell your Used Car right from the Comfort of your home. In 3 Easy Steps you can now Cash out on your Used Car...
  2. C

    Sharing about my car purchase- Iriz 1.3 MT MC2, suggestion needed on mods :)

    This is my humble beginning for car ownership life in my 24 years of life. A kinda rare- because nobody are buying them- MC2 manual Proton Iriz. As what I mentioned in post before this, several options has been considered to purchase a daily car, and finally this is my choice because: - I...
  3. C

    Society Newbie seeking for help! Myvi or Iriz?

    Dear Z2H forum-ians, good day! I am a drop-off who just got a work in KLIA, and I stayed in Serdang so approximately I will drove 100km+/- per day in average. I own a lemon Savvy 1.2 Lite MT, it is a very good car to drive, good gearshift due to the magnetti marelli gearbox and shifter, but...
  4. minibeany

    Sound dampening or Spray paint first

    Hi All, Seeking for some advice. I have an old proton Wira and thinking of giving it a refresh. I would like to do 1) sound dampening (floor and door) and 2) spray a new paint. Which one shall I do first? Thanks in advance.
  5. P

    Proton Inspira Power Mod

    Hi guys, I am new to car mod. Need some expert advice on this. I am seeking for the extra top end power of my car. I am driving a 1.8MT and it tops out at 205km/h (need a bit more to pit against most modern cars). Coincidentally my father drives a 2.0AT Inspira and I am thinking of engine...