1. Mcchip-dkr Chiptuning ECU Remap, Boost your car POWER NOW!!! What is Chiptuning? All modern vehicles are equipped with an engine control unit, which takes control of the software, regulation and monitoring of all engine functions. This includes, for example, fuel injection, the control of the ignition timing or amount of air...
  2. A

    Car Servicing and Performance Upgradement

    Salam guys, i have Proton Wira engine 4g15 SOHC. if i want to change SOHC to DOHC by changing top engine is it possible and worth it?
  3. Mivec CA HIGH CAM Matspeed 306/304 For sale

    MIVEC CA MATSPEED HIGH CAM 306/304 for sale, Condition CUN macam baru. Untuk yang Kuat Jiwa Motorsport, Mivec Matspeed High Cam boleh up horsepower +- 10WHP dari standard!! Best untuk Mivec NA yang ingin up lagi Horsepower! Tidak kacau air-cond, Idling Cun macam standard tapi power HIGH CAM...
  4. F1 Lady

    weekend car for ladies

    Hi, I'm a frequent traveler that love to drive on long distance. I have been looking for a weekend car to cruise to my favorite spot i.e. Genting Highland to unwind myself. Please recommend a reliable, decent coupe car with easy maintenance. Thank you.