1. B

    Engine flush - how often is too often?

    Hi all, Want to get opinion from sifus here - my car is around 80k mileage, never done engine flush before. is it time? How often to do engine flush? Info i get from the Maxx N Go mechanic that regularly service my car is engine flush not recommended for car with mileage below 150k as it is...
  2. STATIC365

    What engine oil should i use for a Turbo Car ?

    Hi all , My Suprima S is going to achieve 1000 KM soon. So, i want to ask Sifu here what is the best engine oil for Turbo engine ? Should i go for Semi or Fully ? This is my first turbo car so i will need some advice. Thank you in advance for the assist.
  3. P

    Proton Inspira Power Mod

    Hi guys, I am new to car mod. Need some expert advice on this. I am seeking for the extra top end power of my car. I am driving a 1.8MT and it tops out at 205km/h (need a bit more to pit against most modern cars). Coincidentally my father drives a 2.0AT Inspira and I am thinking of engine...