1. itNme_15

    Mercedes-Benz W176 A250

    Hi guys, currently I'm looking at a 2015 W176 A250 with a 70K+ mileage, would like to have some opinions on the car. Any common issue or major issue in the future for this M270 engine need to look out for ? Or should I get a brand new Honda Civic 1.5 TC with the same amount of price ? Pls...
  2. T

    Question about Civic FD1 Chassis with FD2 Halfcut Swap

    Hi every sifus, Noobie here owning 2006 Civic FD1 1.8 and done swapped Civic FD2 2.0 Auto Halfcut but realize right top mounting are not compatible. Pomen was purchased cap ayam Hasport mounting from (Jxxxcixx, i know this shop quite famous on something but I dont want talk much la, u know i...