Zero2Hero Auto Detailing: Naza Citra Paint Correction in "Kampung" by s1tl/Josh/1st


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1,000 RPM
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Jul 13, 2010
Today a customer booked me for a detailing session to correct his severed 5 year old Naza Citra.

I went to meet him at a caltex petrol station then after that I follow his car to his house that he provided shelter for me to detail up his ride...

I arrived at 8.30 then i started to inspect his ride for correction, scratches, isolated deep scratches. swirls etc etc paint damages on black cars.
After inspecting the paint i started the session :P

Todays Prescription of "medication" by "Doctor Paint Restoration"
ONR No Rinse Wash
Optimum (OPT) Hyper Compound
OPT Hyper Polish
OPT Quick Wax
OPT Power Clean
Meg's Detailing Claybar
Meg's Ultimate Quick Detailer
Makita 9227c polisher
Makita stock Wool pad
Lake Country Cutting pad
Lake Country Polishing pad
some brushes and sandpapers

After some inspection i found out that the damages was quite severe and alot of the scratch were "uncurable" as it was too deep of a scratch. most of them could already see the metal.. :shock:
some shots before i begin..

Bicycle "scrape"

5 years of open and close door handle

unknown scratch

Another battle scar vs bicycle

Rim scrape

more and more scratches found

Bike vs car who wins?

Bike =(
front bonnet

deep deep scratches

dont want to concentrate too much on the damage later everyone cry lol

I started with and ONR Wash followed by claying the entire car... took me 3 hours here at least...

Here is a shot of the contaminents i picked up just at the window panel!!

After clay i did a test area 50/50 with wool pad and hyper compound and the result was not very satisfying as it didnt cut away alot of the scratches, but the swirls was gone..
Compounded looked like this...

not compounded

then i was furious! so i did something that not all detailers encourage...
yes...wet sanding....

i sanded for almost 1 hour at the hood till it was all evenly sanded :biggrin:
then did a 50/50 comparison with compound again...
result blew my mind away..sorry for the dirty part =p
with proper lighting...

under reflection...:proud:

i haz a happy and proud of my risk...
then it was noon and i had to eat as ive used alot of energy in sanding... before i left for lunch i did a small experiment with the owner himself...

heard of the soft skin of a baby? silky smooth? how about when water hits the surface?


Enjoyed pan mee for lunch with my lovely gf then went back to serious mode...
i covered all the doors, roof, back, bumpers, side skirts (AKA Other parts of the car :sleep:) in around 4 hours...
here are some of the results...
This is not a chrome badge, instead its a soft soft sponge type badge which the clear layer is worn out, i powered cleaned it and polished it up

car roof spotlight couldn't reach for proper shot...i might need to get 8 more hands =p

reflection of my car at far sight from the boot reflection

front hood completed...(the most effort was put here.)

this... is actually a...


almost...mirror....low quality shot co no dslr today...

hi there =)

Regains its 5 years ago charm

Certified "Road Worthy" by Detailer's Road Act

Ready to hit the roads again :love:

Ive personally never seen so much shine and beauty in a citra before now i know:biggrin:

before i sign off...
i love this reflection alot. clear skies...

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