Simple changing driveshaft boot with a cone


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Sep 14, 2012
Instead of the conventional way of changing the boot by removing the whole driveshaft, and then whacking out the CV joint, I used a simpler way to get the boot onto the cv joint. Note: This method should only be used if you are sure the grease inside is still clean and the CV joint is still in good condition.

1. Identify which boot has torn (normally it is outer boot).

2. Buy spare expandable type boot (sometimes called a gaiter) set, with CV joint grease.
3. Buy an installation cone, normally from internet. But I think you can make one yourself, using soft-drink bottle. Or with kiddies-type play traffic cones.

4. Remove all you need to remove to get one end of the driveshaft out.

5. Cut old boot away.

6. Lubricate cone, turn new boot inside out, and install onto driveshaft end.

7. Push new boot onto cone and push hard to get it past the large end of the cone.

8. Voila, it's on. Turn the boot rightside out and put new grease on. Then fit on new clips at the ends of the new boot.

9. Cut off excess rubber at big end of boot. Refit everything else, and you're done.


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