SIC Unveils Trophies for Upcoming Malaysian F1 Grand Prix - By Tiffany & Co.


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Mar 6, 2012
Kuala Lumpur

The Formula 1 circus may be starting in Melbourne this weekend, but preparations are well under way to provide a grand reception for the drivers, teams and fans. One of the main preparations has been the Formula 1 trophies for this year and just like last year, it's Tiffany & Co. that's going to provide the "bling" up on the podium.

<!--more-->All the way from New York, silver master craftsmen worked arduously for 8 months to craft each trophy out of the purest silver and having said that, the winners will definitely be receiving well worth their weight in silver for the Petronas Formula 1 Malaysia Grand Prix that's about to happen from the 23rd to 25th March at the Sepang International Circuit.

Tiffancy & Co. are now into their 2nd year of their partnership with the Sepang Interantional Circuit (SIC) in helping to provide trophies, over a three year agreement between the two parties.

Tiffany & Co. fervently continue to express their delight and joy in having the opportunity to be a part of the hottest race of the F1 season that's become so synonymous with the Malaysian F1 race. And so they should be, after all, the race is televised to to the rest of the world, reaching more than 500 million viewers and providing an extremely large amount of exposure at that.

Not only is Tiffany & Co. providing trophies for the Malaysian F1 race, the prestigious company is also providing trophies for both the upcoming MotoGP motorcycle race as well as the Malaysian Merdeka Endurance Race.

Hence, its obvious that Tiffany and Co. aren't just your usual prestigious and fashionable accessories maker for men and women, they seem to also have had their hand (literally) in crafting many other trophies such as the National Football League Vince Lombardi Super Bowl Trophy, National Basketball Association Larry O'Brien Championship Trophy, World Series Trophy for Major League Baseball, as well as the U.S. Open Tennis Championship Trophies. All of which, have been inspired by the transcendent form and energy of competition that has a lasting tribute to the athletes' dedication to the thrill of victory.

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