Replace Oil Seal for Engine Oil Cooler (4G93T)


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May 17, 2005
Hi guys,

Just a simple DIY on how to replace this oil seal (for 4G93T engine). Its location is shown below.

Figure 1 : All the components. [1] Oil Filter, [6] 24mm Nut, [7] Oil Cooler, [N] Oil Seal to be replaced

Things you need :
1) All basic tools (oil filter remover, pliers, etc)
2) 24mm ratchet socket (a deep one)
3) Oil Seal replacement (I got mine from J.R. in Jln Ipoh. Tel : 03-62578599. Height 5.2mm). Have to bring sample there for them to "cut out" from their high-grade silicon, so read below first on how to remove this part.

Figure 2 : From left. The original oil seal; a typical low-quality oil seal; high-grade silicon oil seal (use this one!)

Steps :
1) Drain all water/coolant from radiator. Remove the 2-hoses (connected to radiator system) connected to the oil cooler (marked as [7] in Figure 1). Be careful, as water might will come out from it. Then only remove the oil filter, or the water might get into the engine thru the oil filter's opening.
2) Use the 24mm socket, and remove the oil cooler.
3) Once the nut is removed, you can now remove the oil cooler from its location. Clean the surroundings of the oil cooler, so contaminants/sand won't enter the engine block.
4) Use a stick (or something soft so you don't scratch the oil cooler) to remove the oil seal from the oil cooler.

Figure 3 : How it looks like after removing the oil cooler

Figure 4 : Oil cooler

Figure 5 : Oil cooler

4) After getting the oil seal replacement oil seal (note : J.R. only cuts certain silicon on certain days, so the part might take a few days to complete), fit it back into the oil cooler. Put a layer of engine oil (similar practice to oil filter) on the new oil seal.
5) Align the oil cooler to the engine block (see Figure 6). Tighten it using the 24mm socket with 42Nm torque (specified in the manual), but after fitting, I tighten it even more as it still leaks at 42Nm!
6) Fit back the oil filter (or can replace it with a NEW one), hoses, and fill up the radiator.
7) Clean the bottom of the car (especially the aircon compressor), so that an oil leak can be detected after test run. Tighten oil cooler or oil filter again, depending on which is leaking.

Figure 6 : Note the alignment marks for the oil cooler. Oil cooler won't be secured properly if not aligned.
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