JPM Motorsports Brings You Summernats 2014!


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Jul 18, 2008
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Good news guys, JPM Motorsports, is bringing in Summernats during the upcoming MME 2014 race! This season, we're twice as busy. Why? because we're racing in the the MME 12 hr as well!

Never heard of Summernats? We dont blame you. Summernats is a car festival, held yearly in Canberra, Australia since 1988. Activities held during Summnernats include car shows, car parades and burnouts. Here's some photos from Summnernats 2014 held at Australia.

There will be fun filled activities for the whole family, from the kids to the adults. Here's a break down of activities that will be held from Friday 29 August till Sunday 31 August.

For the kids, there will be an escape room challenge, interactive games challenge, kids playground that will be held on both Saturday and Sunday.

For the family, there will be an international food fest that will have Malaysian and Australian food (8pm - 12am). There will also be a flea market with fashion, gadgets, phones and electronic products.

For the rest of us, JPM Motorsports, together with ZeroToHundred will be having non stop activities, ranging from car shows (JP Chin's full range of cars will be showcased), to a gymkhana event (By Ultra Racing, can see Leona Chin up close) , aftermarket accessories sales promotion, test drives and girls. :biggrin:

Miss Summernats in Malaysia :love:

Here are some of the cars you guys can expect to see.

Health concious folks, there will also be activities for you, as there will be a run, that covers the whole Sepang F1 Circuit. If running isn't your thing, you can also take your bicycle and join in the fun! This will be held on Merdeka Day (31 August 2014)

Do download the Summernats app for Android here, and for iPhone users, you can grab the app off here. Registration via the app is compulsory, as it will be used as your digital ticket for entry.

Full Summernats 2014 schedule can be obtained here (It's a PDF files, so make sure you have a PDF Reader)

Check out the official video below.

Summernats Malaysia 2014 Official Video - YouTube

For more info, please visit Summernats Malaysia's official website below.

Summernats Malaysia

Summernats Malaysia Facebook Page


Have a nice JDM ride and want to show your ride off? Doesn't matter if it's an Altezza, Evo, Impreza, Supra, GTR or even an MR2. PM me, and I'll arrange the rest. First come first served.
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Lots of hot chicks like Super GT models? :love:
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