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3,000 RPM
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3,000 RPM
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May 19, 2010
Expanding more into interior besides exterior. Offering sound insulation, leather rewrap and interior panels refurbishment now.

Just some examples of interior works done today with a friend who is a passionate interior specialist.

A Pioneer head unit. As seen in the picture, it is full of scratches and swirls.

A close look

Prior to working the sensitive parts such as printed words are masked to protect from damages

Very careful sanding was done with 3M Ultrafine sanding pads

Uniformly sanded to reduce the scratches.

Cut and polish is the next step by means of mini electric rotary tools.

It's a slow and meticulous process for these sensitive, delicate parts.

This is just part of the set of mini rotary pads, disc and brushes that can cater to interior parts of all shapes and sizes.

Some simple products are used. But the right technique is necessary.

Yet, some exclusively acquired products are necessary at times.

After polishing. Scratches removed but notice there are still some fine lines/marrings.

A final finishing step was given for a flawless finish

Some before -after photos

However, our ultimate passion is still in leather works. What better way of personifying luxury than the soft, rich touch of fine lambskin and cowhides?

Before and after deep cleaning treatment applied to this sample cowhide.

Observe the effect even though it is white in colour.

Good products are a trade secret. But just to show that we do not use aggressive industrial cleaners for fast results, here is a teaser ;). Only the finest products mainly from Britain and Germany are used. Unlike harsh industrial cleaners that clean fast but severely decreases the lifespan of leathers, these products pampers your leather and even restores the smell of fresh British leathers.

Thanks for viewing!