Brand New HR-V alien Coated @ the detailien HIVE with Optimum OptiCoat PRO


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Jan 21, 2007
A brand new Honda HR-V in for alien coating @ the detailien HIVE.

The owner wanted to make sure his ride was protected and drove it over immediately after picking it up.

Note the seats still covered in protective plastic.

After the paint is washed, the car is fully inspected for any paint defects and work starts on detailing the engine bay and interior.

The interior plastics were removed and the brand new seats were protected with Optimum Protectant Plus for the leather and plastic trim.

The car is then fully taped up to protect the rubber and plastic trim during paint correction.

With proper lighting, all of the paint defects become visible. Here you can see some holograms left behind when the dealers polished the car during pre-delivery.

Note the hazy looking lines that are only visible in sunlight and using proper lighting.

A closer look at the holograms.

After correction using Optimum polishes and compounds with our detailien method. The paint is now perfect with the holograms removed and ready for coating.

More holograms on the other side.

After correction.

Proper surface preparation ensures a perfect mirror image.

Work in progress.

All done and ready for alien Coating with Optimum OptiCoat PRO.

All done. OptiCoat PRO not only protects the paint but gives it a deep looking gloss.


Thanks for looking! :biggrin: