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Needles Tosay


Needles Tosay

Jun 10, 2020
Petaling Jaya

The next M3 looks set to arrive soon and is expected to push over 500hp. In this video released by BMW hours ago, they’ve confirmed the new M car will be offered in both rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive, which is an Interesting proposition indeed.

Just barely noticeable from the video, the rear of the M3 prototype seem to swell through the camo clearly hinting at a wider body. Not forgetting the visible new air intakes, bigger wheels and mean stance.

The new M3 will be powered by the S58 3L twin turbo 3L 6 cylinder which currently reside in the SUV X3M. Rumour has it the base M3 will be RWD and 6 speed manual, while the xDrive 4WD will be an option, as with the 8 speed auto

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